The City Gate

This is a one-of-a-kind book. A combination of profound truths, presented in narrative and biblical theology, and with perceptive insight from a fathering heart, combine to bring an authoritative, message to the Body of Christ.


This is great teaching, and timely, coming from a seasoned, mature, Christian leader. In making clear the Word of our Lord Jesus and the words of His apostles, it calls for big changes in the visible structure of the Church and in the way we live out the expressed values of Christianity.


To embrace the biblical imperative of establishing city elderships would fly in the face of much vested interest in the Church. But vested interest does not stand in the judgement day. We must live, rather, by the fear of the Lord.

John Alley

John Alley is the author of The Apostolic Revelation, The Spirit of Sonship, and Building an Apostolic People, books that have now sold extensively in many nations, and have been affirmed by leaders across the Body of Christ. John is highly regarded by those who know him, and find in him a distinctly genuine apostolic grace that seeks to serve and honour our Lord Jesus. He is the Senior Minister of Peace Christian Church in Rockhampton, Australia, and the leader of Peace Apostolic Ministries, whose teams serve churches and pastors with teaching and spiritual fathering around the globe. The values of Peace are expressed in this abbreviated purpose statement: Serve-Teach-Impart-Honour-Love.

John Kingsley Alley


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